ACSM Personal Trainer

ACSM Health / Fitness InstructorSM (Personal Trainer) Qualification

ACSM Health/Fitness InstructorSM (HFI) – assess, designs, and implements personal training programmes for individuals. This certification is designed for established and experienced instructors and personal trainers who are seeking to enhance their credentials to the ACSM GOLD Standard. The ACSM Health/Fitness InstructorSM Certification is ideal for fitness instructors, personal trainers, strength trainers and similar professionals. The successful candidate will be able to conduct individual and group exercise programmes, fitness testing, and health education for apparently healthy adults and persons with controlled disease/special conditions. The ACSM HFISM is a four day workshop and a one day certification.

ACSM Health / Fitness InstructorSM Certification

A 3-hour multiple choice theory exam and a 1-hour (3 x 20 minute stations) practical exam. The practical exam elements are: screening and exercise prescription case study; exercise instruction for apparently healthy and special populations; and fitness testing procedures.

ACSM Health / Fitness InstructorSM Certification Prerequisites:

– Educational training comparable to an undergraduate degree in an exercise related field or a nationally recognized fitness qualification (e.g. HFI Certified Fitness Instructor).
– Over 900 hours fitness instructor work experience
– Good knowledge of and skill in risk factor and health risk appraisal, fitness testing and exercise prescription.
– Practical hands on experience with exercise leadership.
– Some experience with negotiating behaviour change.
– Valid first aid certificate.

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