Bikini Atoll Diving Adventure

Are you the type of person who would like to have done what Mark Shuttlleworth did?  Would you go to the ends of the earth and beyond for that ultimate adventure? Well this is it!!  This is what you have been waiting and looking for your whole life. That once in a lifetime adventure; the never to be repeated experience that is worth spending that nest egg you have tucked away to spoil yourself with one day.

You have done the dive courses, built up the experience and you are looking for something worthy of your desire for a challenge.  Something different and off the beaten track that will rekindle or surpass the excitement and awe you felt when you first started diving.

Bikini Atoll is adventure diving and fishing charter at its most unsullied – the rewards to be gained from the long and arduous journey halfway around the world to this tiny speck in the Pacific Ocean make it one of the most memorable dive destinations on the planet.

This is not a trip for those hard pressed for time or finances. You will fly, be in airport transit lounges and hotels for about the same time you will spend on Bikini Atoll. On Bikini there are no fancy hotels, room service, ladies of the night, nightclubs, cable TV or gourmet restaurants. What you will find is a small atoll populated by fewer than 200 people with the star attraction being wrecks – big ones and an environment that has only been explored by recreational divers in the last 4 years. You will also find warm, clean water; coral reefs untouched for the last 40 years; abundant fish life that has been protected from the over fishing that is prevalent over most of our treasured dive sites and plenty of sharks. Only 11 divers get to visit this special site each week, will you be one of them?

Is this trip worth it?  If you have to ask on our LinkedIn, rather go to the Red Sea; we will show you the pictures when we get back.