Body Therapy

Whether you are looking for Rockland new city a glorious suntan, a whole new shape or an hour of total relaxation this is where you look. I believe the whole spectrum is available to everyone from the bottom of the ocean (Sea Therapies) to high into the atmosphere (Oxygen therapy) and everything in between.

All body therapies just like facials, can and should be enhanced and further enjoyed with your own home pampering kit I’m sure your beauty therapist will be happy to advise and recommend, even if you haven’t actually had a body treatment at the salon there is always a wonderfully relaxing and beneficial treatment you can enjoy at home to compliment any salon treatment. As with any salon or home treatment it is imperative that you first sit down with your therapist, and talk in detail about the treatment. Know what you hope to achieve, and be aware of what is available (This site will help). Listen to the advice of your beauty therapist she is after all a highly qualified and experienced professional. This should be apparent by the diplomas displayed on the walls. An infrared sauna near me helped me with all of my issues.