Do-it-Yourself Moving

Is this a good move for you to do yourself?

Depending upon how many items you need to move and pack, moving yourself could save you money. But, before deciding whether to handle your own move, here are some factors to consider:

 If you are making a long distance move, take into consideration the costs of gas, tolls, food and lodging. Factoring in those costs, how much are you really saving?
 How much property do you need to move?
 How much is your property worth to you? Even minimal damage to expensive or fragile objects could end up costing you more than you would have paid a professional mover. Insurance companies charge a lot less when you use a licensed mover.
 Have you ever done a move by yourself before? If not, do you have an experienced friend who is willing to walk you through it?
 How many of your friends, cousins, and neighbors, both old and new, are willing and able to help pack and load on both ends of the move? Where in your new neighborhood do you plan to get excellent pizza?
 Are you licensed and able to drive a big truck? Have you considered the consequences if you happen to have an accident?
 Do you have the time to do the entire job? Moving is one of those activities that, once you start, you’d better be able to finish. Can you put aside enough time in order to pack completely? Do you have the time to do all the moving?

If this seems like too much to handle, call this professional Queens, New York moving service.