Saving Time and Money on Pool

Our pool cleaning company in Boca can assist your pool by saving your organization time, money and reducing the liability while improving the quality of your swimming pool for your users. We offer a reliable, hassle-free and economical way to care for your pool or spa(s). The Aqua Serve Water Management program is revolutionizing how commercial pools are maintained across the region. Our unique approach sets us apart in the industry. Here’s why:

    • We install & maintain a fully automatic chemical monitoring & dosing system on every pool.
    • We keep your pools sanitary, crystal clear, & chemically balanced..
    • We deliver all necessary chemicals on a reliable, pre-scheduled basis.
    • We provide Bi-monthly service calls by a factory trained technician.
    • We maintain pool chemestry by continually monitoring the Chlorine, pH, Calcium Harndness, and Alkalinity.
    • We invoice at a monthly or seasonal rate so that you have no budget surprises.
    • We provide 12 hour response to notice of any chemical imbalance.
    • We’re not taking anyones job, just making it easier!!
    • Our certified pesticide applicator license covers your facility for as long as we maintain your pool.
    • We offer additional opening and closing services and carry a full line of parts and supplies
    • We do all of this for one fixed monthly price which is based on your current chemical expenses.

For no more than the cost of the chemicals required to maintain your pools, you can count on the professional services of Aqua Serve and forget all of the hassles associated with keeping your pool water balanced, sanitary, and crystal clear.

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