Storage Unit Installers

Our self storage in queens installers wear protective booties while in your home and our clean up is spotless. We feel your home should be treated as if it was our own!

What is the best style of door to have on a closet?

There are only three styles of doors used on closets: sliding or by-pass, by-fold and swing door. The amount of floor space available has a lot to do with the door selection as does the cost factor. Most reach-in closets have by-pass doors on them, and some have by-fold and few have swing doors. We prefer to see swing doors whenever possible, then by-fold and lastly sliding doors. Let me explain each.

The goal of any closet is to be able to access your clothing. Swing doors when open provides the greatest clear space available, but they also require more open floor space in-order to swing open. By-fold doors open almost as much as swing door but when open all the way they take up about 6″ on each side of the closet opening, but they require very little floor space. Sliding doors never allow you to see more than half of your closet at a time.  You always have to move them back and forth to get to your things on the one side or the other. Whenever possible the door on a walk-in closet should swing out, NOT into the closet. They are available for your convenience.