Types of Lighting

These are the types of lighting to keep in mind when hiring a photo booth company in Orlando.

Leko (or ellipsoidal)

  • This light can be focused to a sharp edge
  • Has shutters that can shape the light beam
  • Can be used with gobos
  • Lekos are more expensive than fresnels, but can do much more


  • This light can only create a soft beam
  • Is good for lighting large areas
  • Usually used with barndoors
  • The light beam can be altered from a small inrense beam to a soft large wash of light
  • A fresnel lens has circular rings cut into it to create a soft round beam edge
  • Half the cost of a leko, but limited in its use


  • A metal pattern which fits into a leko light
  • Hundreds of patterns to choose from
  • Good for adding texture to acting light or for projecting images onto a background cloth or wall


  • Four moveable metal flaps that block light from going where you don’t want it
  • Usually used only with a fresnel


  • A short electircal cord with two female ends and one male end. This allows you to plug two lights into one cable


  • Dimmers usually come in groups of six or twelve
  • Are connected to a light board or control device
  • Dimmers are like a water faucet for electricity; they allow more or less voltage to run through, which brightens or dims the lights
  • Can require special power supplies and connections
  • Are the most expensive portion of a lighting system


  • Coloured plastic that is placed in the front of a lighting instrument, altering the look and intensity of the light beam
  • Comes in sheets or rolls with dozens of colours to choose from
  • Has a limited life span

Par Can

  • The most basic lighting instrument
  • The par lamp is like a car headlight fitted into a metal tube
  • Is very lightweight
  • Provides a wash of soft light
  • Comes in different beam shapes (very narrow, medium, full flood, etc…)
  • Inexpensive to buy, however the bulb replacement is higher than most other types.



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