Wellness Lectures & Services

Wellness Lectures & Topics
If you are interested in talking with me about facilitating a lecture at your facility please contact me at (704) 643-0465. I would welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Lecture Topics
* Build Muscles Not Bulk: Benefits of Jump Rope Training
* Genetics Has A Lot To Do With It: Spot Reduction
* Benefits Of Kick Boxing/ Using Proper Technique
* Total Body Wellness From The Inside Out
* How To Train On A Tight Schedule
* Psychological Benefits Of Exercise
* Keeping Fit In A Fast Food World
* Benefits Of Cross-Training
* Stretch The Stress Away
* Love Yourself To Health

If you are interested in private or semi-private Kick Boxing or Personal Training sessions please contact me. If I can’t accommodate you personally, I will help you find someone who can.